Let's talk ingredients 🌿

You won't find anything that will disrupt the intimate balance down there. We only use ingredients from high-quality and sustainable UK suppliers.



Hand made in the UK

What's in the jar?

We believe that as we advocate for pubic care as the new self-care, we also ensure that we weave transparency especially when we talk about our formulas.

As women who actually experienced real struggles on our pubes, we recognise the fact that unlike other skin in our bodies, the skin down there is very sensitive, delicate and prone to irritations.

Therefore, our product line is created particularly for pubic hair and skin to make you feel and look good in your pubes and body.

It's a big NO for us 🙅‍♀️


Upset the body’s hormonal balance


Dangerous endocrine disruptors


Foaming agents that are irritating to the skin


Contain hundreds of chemicals


Can cause dryness, irritation and breakouts