Vitamin C spot-fading serum · 30ML

Dark Spots Out

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Made by women who care

Brighten your intimate areas effortlessly

Your struggle with dark, uneven intimate skin ends here. This potent serum works quickly to fade dark spots, enhancing your skin's natural complexion where it matters most. Safe, gentle, and effective, it’s your secret to a bright, even complexion all year round.

Fades dark spots
For all skin types
No fragrance, no Irritation
97% natural

How to use

Step 1:: Cleanse and dry the target area.

Step 2:: Apply a small amount to dark spots.

Step 3:: Rub gently and allow the skin to absorb.

Step 4:: Use daily for best results

Key ingredients

🍓 Strawberry Extract: Enhances brightness and supports skin repair.

🍍 Papaya Extract: Targets and fades dark spots.

🍒 Cranberry Extract: Protects your skin from damage with its antioxidant power


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We take pride in our skincare products because of their quality and proven effectiveness on thousands of women. However, every skin is different and we understand that sometimes, things just don’t work out. For this reason, all of our products carry a 30-day happy skin guarantee. Check our FAQ for more details!

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Can Dark Spots Out be used on all skin tones, including black skin? 

Yes, absolutely! Dark Spots Out is suitable for all skin tones, including black skin. It’s formulated to gently fade dark spots and even out skin tone, regardless of your complexion.

Is it safe to use Dark Spots Out on sensitive areas like pubic skin and armpits? 

Yes, it is! Our serum is specifically designed for intimate areas and is made with 97% natural ingredients to ensure it is gentle on your skin.

How long does it take to see results from Dark Spots Out? 

Most people start seeing clearer and more even skin in about 4 to 6 weeks of daily use. Stay consistent for the best results!

Can I apply Dark Spots Out to other parts of my body? 

Yes! While it’s perfect for intimate areas, you can use it on any part of your body where you see dark spots.

Is Dark Spots Out fragrance-free? 

Yes, it’s fragrance-free. It’s ideal for anyone who prefers their skincare without scents or has sensitive skin.

Meet the founders 💕

Meet the founders 💕

Like many great ideas, OYO was born over a glass of wine and a deep conversation.

While sisters Leonie and Lisa shared their struggles with pubic hair and skin, they wondered how many other women also felt uncomfortable speaking about these very normal struggles. They founded OYO to address these concerns in a natural, empowering, and ethical way. Together, they aim to help women around the world feel and look confident, everywhere.