Your bush, our problem.

"OYO is beyond a skincare brand. It's a body positivity movement to make every woman feel good down there - unapologetically"

Léonie, co-Founder

Our mission


It’s our mission to show you it doesn’t have to be awkward talking about the *taboo* things we as women, are so used to seeing and being every day.

Freedom of choice is our why.

Skincare should be fun.

Bold and daring…

No matter where it is on your body!
(And yes, this includes your bikini line)

You don’t have to remove your body hair because you feel pressured by society to do so…
just b’cos you’re a woman!


Don’t do it for them. Do it for you!

Your pubes. Your choice.

Léonie & Lisa 👯‍♀️

Founders & sisters

Our story

One cold night in Switzerland… around February time 2021…

My sister and I were having a chat around a glass of wine.

We talked about our problems as women when the topic of pubic hair situations came up.

It was the first time we really opened up about it to each other. We realised we both were struggling with the same intimate skin concerns (ingrown hairs, bumps, redness, irritations...).

And even though we discuss and argue about many different things… (we are sisters, after all)

We were still uncomfortable talking about our skincare downstairs.

So we took it upon ourselves to find out why…

I struggled with my bikini line due to waxing but, I never talked to anyone about it and thought it was just me.

But that night, when I brought the topic to my sister, we realised that we wanted to solve precisely this problem. And so we started.

I (Leonie) scanned myself from the moment I woke up to when I went to sleep. Trying to see if there was a product that helped women out with their burning, bumps from shaving or ingrown hairs…

We spoke to all the women we know and, as well we went out in public and asked you directly.

We talked with friends, FB groups, women in the street…

And 90% of them shared the same struggles and said they would love a brand that addresses them in an empowering and ethical way.

We thought to ourselves… women run into these problems every day, so WHY are we keeping the solution from you??

There were also no products in the market that safely addressed our pubic skincare needs.

We found most off the shelf products contain harsh ingredients and stinky and fake fragrances.

Those available products were not safe for your personal needs and vaginal health.

We chose to create a positive narrative around your pubic skin.

Products that address your needs down there WITHOUT compromising your health.

We came up with our 3-step skincare system and named it OYO.

The rest is history ❤️

REMINDER — you have always been enough.

It's not just about skincare.

Since my sister and I started OYO, our whole attitude toward our bodies changed so much.

We feel so much more confident, empowered and at peace with our bodies as women…

Because we started talking and caring for down there. We're no longer ashamed.

It feels fantastic, and we want more women to feel this way!

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