Waxing or sugaring: which is the best bikini hair removal method?

Waxing or sugaring: which is the best bikini hair removal method?

For people who decide to groom their pubic hair, there are varieties of methods to choose from based on your preference. Shaving, waxing, and sugaring seem to be popular amongst other hair removal procedures.

While shaving may be a quick and easy procedure, it carries a high risk of shave bumps, burns, and ingrown hairs. Aside from that, hairs tend to regrow faster.

Waxing and sugaring seem to be a better choice compared to shaving. Both procedures do not only allay the fear of shave bumps and burns, hair regrowth takes a while.

Although waxing and sugaring are different hair removal procedures, they are quite similar in some ways especially in terms of advantages over shaving.

These similarities make it tough to decide which hair removal procedure to choose between the two.

To make an informed choice, you need detailed analysis and comparison of both procedures.

This is exactly the aim of this article.

Ensure you follow till the end as I unravel both waxing and sugaring procedures, their similarities, and differences towards guiding you to make the right choice.

What is bikini waxing?

Waxing is a hair removal procedure that uproots unwanted hair from the follicles through the use of melted wax.

Bikini waxing is a more durable and effective hair removal choice compared to shaving. Beeswax is an important waxing ingredient for the bikini area because it's strong enough to handle thick and coarse pubic hair.

Other ingredients that make up a wax include natural oils, water, and some other necessary chemical formulas.

Bikini waxing gets rid of unwanted hair right from the follicles without leaving out any tiny strands that may curl back into the skin to cause shave bumps.

Aside from that, it takes up to 3 to 4 weeks before hair regrows on the waxed skin. It gives you the joy of bare and smooth lady bits for a longer period.

The Bikini Waxing Procedure

You can wax your bikini area at home by yourself. However, it is advisable to get it done in a professional spa or salon to avoid burning yourself or several other complications which may arise if done wrongly.

How it's done

A spatula would be used to apply the wax to your bikini area. A small piece of waxing strip will be placed on the V skin (a waxing strip may not be required if it's a cold wax) and will be left for some time.

Once the wax gets hardened, the piece of clothing will be pulled off your V skin along with the wax and your unwanted hairs against the direction of your hair growth.

What is the bikini sugaring?

This involves, uprooting unwanted hairs from hair follicles with sugar paste. Sugaring is an old hair removal method that dates back to the reign of Cleopatra in ancient Egypt.

The sugaring method is used for its totally natural ingredients; sugar, lemon juice, and water.

Just like waxing, bikini sugaring is more durable, and it totally removes hair from the follicles. In addition to durability, sugaring also gets rid of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin along with hair removal.

Sugaring procedure

You can also get it done at home or employ the help of a professional spa or salon.

How it's done

The warm sugar paste will be applied to the bikini area against the direction of your hair growth. A small cloth called muslin will be placed on the area (the muslin is dispensed if it's a hard sugaring procedure).

The wax would be left to stick to the skin for a while. Once it's hard enough, the cloth will be yanked off swiftly towards the direction of the hair growth. It pulls off the sugar paste along with unwanted hair strands and dead skin cells on the skin.

Difference between waxing and sugaring

⚙️ The procedure of hair removal

The direction in which both of them remove the hair during the procedure determines their risk of causing ingrown hairs.

During the waxing procedure, once the wax sticks to the bikini area, it is stripped off against the direction of the hair growth.

Removing hair against the direction of hair growth is one of the causes of ingrown hair because some hair might be broken in the process.

Conversely, sugaring spreads the sugar paste against the direction of the ingrown hair, and it is removed towards the direction of the hair growth.

This reduces the risk of post-hair grooming ingrown hair and stubbles.

Once you are done sugaring, you can easily wash it off the skin with water. Wax, on the other hand, requires natural oil or cleaner to wash it off the skin.

Despite the above advantages of sugaring, waxing saves time. The waxing procedure is faster than sugaring.

Sugaring is less sticky. As such, you may need to sugar a particular area two to three times for maximum result.

😩 Pain

Both waxing and sugaring are more of a no pain, no gain procedure. To be honest, no procedure which uproots hair from the follicles will be painless.

However, the level of pain differs.

Wax, especially soft wax, sticks to the skin. It tends to be painful when it is eventually removed. The pain may last for days, depending on how you prep your skin before the process.

Sugaring, on the other hand, is less painful because it doesn't really pull on the skin, yet it effectively removes unwanted hairs.

Less pain also means a lesser risk of burns and irritation after waxing.

💰 Cost

This depends on whether you are visiting a salon you choose to DIY.

Sugaring at the salon or spa is expensive compared to waxing. Why? Sugaring takes longer than waxing.

On the other hand, if it's DIY, sugaring may save you some bucks. Sugar paste can be easily made with home ingredients, and it's easy to prepare.

Wax, on the other hand, requires beeswax, rosin, and certain chemical formula, which may not be within reach. However, you can buy already mixed wax in cosmetic stores.

In addition to that, sugaring also saves cost because you can use a scope of sugar paste on different areas of the skin until it gets less sticky.

💧 Skin reaction and compatibility

Due to the all-natural ingredients of sugaring, it is compatible with different skin types except in special circumstances.

As such, people with reactive skin may find sugaring suitable. Wax, on the other hand, contains certain chemicals which may be reactive on your skin.

That is why a patch test is recommended before waxing to determine your skin reaction to the waxing ingredients.

Waxing and Sugaring: The Similarities

✅ Hair uproot

Both procedures uproot hair from the follicles. However, they leave the follicles intact.


Both procedures are durable compared to shaving. They last at least 3 to 4 weeks before hair regrows.

 Hair type

Both of them are suitable for coarse and curly hair. The more reason they do a good job on the bikini line.

 Similar specialized procedure

Aside from the direction of hair removal, the procedure is similar. Both can be ‘DIYed’ or done by a professional aesthetician.

 Similar side effects

If waxing and sugaring are done by an amateur, you can sustain a burn injury. Improper aftercare can also lead to irritation, redness, and ingrown hair.

Both of them leave the hair follicles intact. If dead skin cells block these follicles, it may lead to an outbreak of ingrown hairs.

 Similar aftercare

Both procedures have similar aftercare to reduce the risk of irritation, redness, and ingrown hair.

Both aftercare includes:

  • Exfoliate some days before and after the hair removal procedure. Exfoliate down there to eliminate dead skin cells, which may trap new hairs inside hair follicles.
  • Moisturize with a natural moisturizer made from natural ingredients immediately after waxing or sugaring. This calms the nerve and soothes the skin.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on the affected area, sexual intercourse, visiting the gym or sauna at least two days after both hair removal procedures.
  • Avoid tight panties and pick cotton panties over synthetic materials.

Which one is the best hair removal method: Waxing or Shaving?

The choice is totally yours. Which one is best is quite relative depending on your skin type, financial strength, and general perspective.

Whether waxing or shaving, you can't achieve an effective pubic skincare goal if you lack a pubic skincare regimen.

This complements your hair removal method. Doing this is not so hard, as long as you are intentional about taking care of the skin down there.

As such, my last tip for you is to adopt Oyo pubic skincare system as your hair removal regimen, it contains three powerful and necessary pubic skincare products; a cleanser, an exfoliator, and a moisturizer.

These products are made from natural ingredients, which make them compatible with your skin, regardless of your skin peculiarity.

With this kit, you can maintain a healthy and desirable down there through the cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing routine.

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