How does pubic hair affects sex?

How does pubic hair affect sex?

When we talk about female pubic hair, we are talking about the hair that covers the female vulva. Despite societal pressure and opinion, some women have stood by their decision to keep it while some can't even stand the sight of stubble. 

Many arguments have been put forward by those who groom and those who do not in support of their decision. One of the prominent and intriguing arguments about whether to keep your pubic hair or not is its link to sexual activity. Yes, sex😉. You know what happens when sex gets into the argument. 

Whether you are the team keeping the bush or getting rid of it, let's trash out all the arguments about how keeping pubic hair may affect sexual activities. 

How keeping pubic hair affects sex

It prevents friction during sex

It is believed that pubic hair prevents the skin to skin contact during penetrative sex. When two bare skin glide against each other in the heat of sexual passion, it may result in skin irritation after the show. Such bare flesh to flesh contact may even reduce sexual pleasure. As such pubic hair provides a sexual barrier. 

Pubic hair increases sexual stimulation 

According to a gynaecologist, Dr JEN Gunter during an interview with New York Times, pubic hair prevents pubic skin dryness during sex. It can help the vulva trap moisture and heighten sexual stimulation. Another study also asserts that pubic hair helps spread lubrication all over the place and aids your journey towards orgasm.

A couple who experimented with having sex without pubic hair gave a bad tale of how the game wasn't fun. Their pubes were sticking to each other and the friction was awful despite using a lubricant. 

It reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases

Some studies have linked hair removal to an increased risk of STI. Skin cuts, burns or bruises that may occur during shaving, waxing or any hair removal method may make the skin vulnerable to infection during sex. Such opening created on the skin during hair removal may give bacteria access to the female body if you have sex with an infected partner. 

As such, pubic hair will at least protect the skin if not the vagina opening.

It fosters body acceptance

Some people also argue that keeping it natural gives both of you the chance to explore and accept your bodies the way they are. No body-shaming. That fosters more love and affection.

How removing pubic hair affects sex 

Now to the argument of the team "to get rid of the bush" 

It indicates cleanliness 

Several women groom their pubes because they believe it makes them feel and look clean. They hold the belief that pubic hair is disgusting and it shouldn't be lying around the pubes. Another belief is that pubic hair traps sweat and makes the V area smell unpleasant. 

They do not just feel this way, they believe their partner will feel the same way.  Leaving pubic hair will make their partner perceive them as dirty. Some partners can indeed be judgmental by linking your overall body hygiene to the appearance of your pubes. 

So, "I can't have sex with someone with shaved pubic hair neither can I have sex without shaving or waxing" Is that you? 

It's sexy 

Some men confessed during an interview that removing their pubic hair makes their penis appear bigger. On the other side of the spectrum, it makes females appear sexier. Elsewhere some men confessed that partial hair removal appears sexy. Those landing strips make their wives' V look sexier and it turns them on. 

Reduces the risk of pubic lice

Pubic lice are tiny organisms that burrow into the skin and suck blood. These blood-sucking organisms live under pubic hair and they can be transmitted through sexual intercourse. Imagine scratching your pubes uncontrollably in a public place after having sex! 

Pubic hair removal is regarded as one of the preventive measures against pubic lice. No pubic hair, no breeding ground for louse. 

Oral sex will be more fun 

Oral sex involves licking anywhere lickable on your partner's body including the V area.  A bushy pube is a huge turn off for both genders. The process of combing through a bushy path before reaching your final destination slows down the game.  

The pubic area is bound to be sweaty and mixed with fluids during foreplay, it may appear irritating to place your tongue on such an area. On the other hand, a clean slate appears more attractive and inviting to lick or suck. (That's not my opinion, though )

It gives the vibe of a pornstar 

A lot of people fantasise about the great sex showcased in their favourite porn. Pornography has influenced a lot of viewers to believe what is showcased there is the standard of sexual activity. Most of these porn stars appear hairless. To get in the mood of great sex and replicate the porn scenes, pubic hair removal before sex is deemed necessary.

Does the pubic hair removal or non-removal of pubic hair matter? 

My dear, it doesn't! The choice is yours. Your pube, your choice. Don't let societal norms, expectations or unverified assertions pressurise you to remove or keep your pubic hair. Do what is best for you and your sexual life.  We respond to sex differently. No two bodies are the same. You may enjoy sex more with pubic hair while someone else may not and vice versa. 

Your partner may prefer a hairless pube or full. If you believe pleasing your partner is your priority and source of happiness, why not? 

The bottom line is to take care of your pube and secure your health regardless of what you choose to do with your pubic hair.

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Pearl on 2022,11,24

I totally agree removing your pupic hair is absolutely better to skin touch u can’t beat gets in the way?