5 tips to gain body confidence

5 tips to gain body confidence

Body confidence is attained when you feel comfortable in your own body. It entails appreciating your body despite perceived imperfection and being proud of your body. It is also referred to as positive body image.

You have attained body confidence when you separate your self-worth from your physical features. Instead of sulking about the shape of your nose, the size of your tummy, or your skin tone, you are focused on the good things about yourself and you carry yourself with pride.

Easier said than done. Can all this happen overnight? A big No!

We all have our body insecurities. As such the fact that you sometimes feel bad about some of your physical features doesn't make you a freak.

However, getting real about your body insecurity doesn't mean you should be obsessed with your physical features to the extent that it's affecting your quality of life.

Body obsession breeds negative body image. When negative body image consumes you, you will begin to find all means of altering your physical features. You may undergo several dangerous processes that will negatively impact your health. On the other hand, if you fail at your attempt you may feel disappointed in yourself and end up depressed.

All for what?

Why should you allow something beyond your control to interrupt and ruin your life?

Girl, it's high time, you picked up yourself and start working towards body confidence! I know it's not easy, neither can it be achieved in a day. However, if you are intentional about it, you can achieve it.

Body confidence gives you peace of mind. It allows you to focus on improving your life rather than your physical appearance. It projects you in a better image to the public and earns you more respect.

Let's go get it!

The following are tips to boost your body confidence.

Compliment yourself

The first step towards gaining body confidence is to get yourself a loyal cheerleader. The cheerleader is you. Be the first person to compliment yourself. Look into the mirror and praise the unique beauty staring back at you. Shower yourself with good words. Not just indoor, compliment yourself outside amid others. Magnify things that are unique about yourself rather than features you wish you have.

This gives out a positive vibe and even teaches people to appreciate and compliment you. It's not that you need their compliments. However, positive compliments will have a psychological effect on your mental health.

When you start practicing self compliments, you will begin to notice you feel comfortable with your body gradually. You will gradually forget the features you believe you lack.

Focus on the positive things your body can do for you

This can't be stressed enough. Body neutrality is one of the keys to body confidence. Instead of sulking about what you do not have, why not stop caring about physical appearance and focus on the functions of your body part? 

Those creative hands are limited edition. Your long sporty legs that have won you several gold medals are worth celebrating. That smart and clever brain belongs to you! Isn't that great?

Your heart is working perfectly well, your breathing system is completely normal, you don't need artificial oxygen. Your eyes can see boldly and clearly. You smile beautifully. You have a uniquely sweet voice, you are caring and kind.

Any of these are worth appreciating and celebrating rather than features you don't have or your body weight and size.

Anytime you feel the urge to compare yourself to others remember your unique abilities. Yes, these people may have physical features you lack but do they have all your unique features as well? No! There is one copy of you. Focus on what your body can do as well as your health rather than features you lack.

Always appear confident even when you have not achieved it

Yes, that's the trick. You know you are going to get there someday, you know you will achieve body confidence eventually. Pretend you already have it and watch it stick. Faking it till you make it is a great shortcut to your body confidence destination.

Even though you have several body insecurities, always appear confident. Talk affirmatively about yourself and your unique abilities. Carry your body with pride and never be ashamed of any part of your body. Make these practices a routine. With time it will become a habit.

Pamper and take care of your body

"You only live this life once, enjoy it"

That's the password to a happier life. Take care of your skin and pamper it healthily. Body care and pampering improve the relationship you have with your body. It fosters more self-love and acceptance.

Body acceptance shouldn't mean body abandonment. You should look after your health and get rid of any curable dent or disability. Finding a healthy cure to curable disability and accepting what you can't change is the key to body positivity and acceptance. Body positivity is the door to body confidence.

Stay away from negative vibes

Stay away from people who bring you down. If instead of complimenting you, all they see are your body imperfections, replace them with friends with positive vibes who will always compliment and cheer you. Even if they are your relatives, distance yourself from them.

Social media is also a home of bad vibe and body shaming. Filter what you see on social media. Unfollow people and pages that only remind you that you are inadequate. Follow people who only post realistic and genuine pictures.

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