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Whether you shave or go bare, we help you care for down there - naturally and unapologetically.


3-Step Skincare Routine For Pubic Skin & Hair


🪒 Reduce the look of razor bumps 

🌵 Prevent ingrown hairs down there 

💧 Soothe skin irritation

🌿 All-natural & pH-neutral

🇬🇧 Handmade in the UK

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Amazing stuff

I’ve been using the 3 step routine for almost 6 months and these products are incredible. I’ve always been super insecure about ingrown hairs and couldn’t seem to get rid of them no matter what. These are the first products I’ve used that do really work!

— Poppy M.

Knocked my socks off!!

I am a shaver (all off, incase you’re interested!) and have always just assumed that the itching and the uncomfortableness of regrowth just came as part of the package. I bought a OYO kit out of curiosity more than a real belief that it would make a difference but I am totally AMAZED!!!

— Stephanie C.

really love these

I don't tend to invest in *products* but I am so glad I have here - I'll definitely be continuing my subscription. I've had ongoing ingrown hairs since my early teens and this little self care routine has massively increased my confidence in ways I couldn't have imagined.

— Sophie D.

Wonderful products!

I can’t get over how much better I feel down there now I’m using these products. I’d got used to being uncomfortable but felt an immediate improvement from my first use. I was a bit unsure buying from an online ad but so glad I did!

— Kate M.

Meet OYO!

"OYO is beyond a skincare brand. It's a body positivity movement to make every woman feel good and look good down there unapologetically." Leonie - CEO of OYO

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