Why you should not use your body wash to clean your vaginal area

Don't use your body wash on your lady parts! Here's why

 As women, society expects us to live, appear and smell in certain ways. Through the media, they glorify what they consider the ideal female body. This absurd expectation is constantly preventing women from accepting themselves for who they are. The appearance and odor of our vaginal are some of the normal parts of us that have now been labeled abnormal.

 The vaginal has a natural odor and self-cleaning mechanism. You cant treat your vaginal area the same way you will treat other parts of your body. While body wash may work well on your body, it will greatly harm your pubic area and alter your vaginal health.

 To get a clear picture of how these body washes can harm your vaginal area and not help you at all, you need to understand your vaginal and how it functions. This article will expose you to the anatomy and functioning of the vaginal area, how body wash and soap can hurt your vaginal health as well as safe ways to clean your vaginal area.

 Anatomy and functioning of the vaginal area

 The vaginal area is the face of the female reproductive system. It is the door connecting the outside world to our sexual and reproductive organs. The vaginal area can be divided into two; the vulva and the vaginal. The vulva is everything down there except the hole through which you menstruate, have sex from the front, and give birth. The vulva includes the mon pubis( the surface where hair grows), clitoris labia minora, and labia majors.

 The vaginal is an inner organ, the hole is its door. The vaginal is the passage to our reproductive organs such as the fallopian tube, uterus, womb, cervix, and ovaries. As such, it serves as a passage for the penis & sperm, a route for menstrual blood and child during birth.

 Does the vaginal get dirty? Do you need to clean it?

 To you, the answer is obviously yes. You may believe, "menstrual blood, sperm, and vaginal discharge need to be washed away to keep the area clean and free of odor" That's not true. There is nothing like a dirty vaginal. The vaginal has a natural way of keeping itself clean and safe from infection. It doesn't need your help. What requires your human cleaning is the vulva.

 How does the vaginal clean itself 

 Our vaginal is a very interesting part of our body. Despite being labeled a villain, some bacteria live inside our vaginal. They keep it clean and protect it. Good bacteria that dwell inside the vagina are called lactobacilli. These bacteria regulate the acid in the vaginal. The vaginal acidity level is called ph. These bacteria keep it balanced. The balance will either be too high or too low for infection-causing microorganisms to survive inside the vaginal.

The vaginal acid also helps the vaginal get rid of dirt and keep it clean. The results of these cleaning are those whitish discharges you see on your panties. This unique vaginal ecosystem is the reason your vaginal area has a unique mild odor. This odor can increase due to sweat from pubic hair. However, it's normal. It only becomes abnormal when it emits a pungent smell. This possibly indicates an infection that requires medical attention.

 Why do I need to clean the vulva?

The vulva is the only place in your pubic area that needs to be cleaned. Anything coming out of the vaginal will stick to the surface of the vulva and you can't leave it there. Menstrual blood, drops of sperm and urine will linger on the surface of the vaginal. You have to clean them off. If they are left uncleaned, they can constitute a breeding ground for pathogens to multiply and enter your vaginal area. Even though your vaginal ecosystem can resist them, if they are too much, they may win the battle.

 Aside from infection, the pubic skin( vulva) has a sweat gland due to hairs. The level of vaginal sweat depends on your genetics and the exercise you engage in. Long term sweat on the surface of the pubic skin for long can aggravate your vaginal odor. Aside from that, prolonged sweat can irritate the pubic skin and cause great discomfort.

Due to pubic skin care and pampering, we use several products like exfoliators and moisturizing oils. You need to clean remnants of these products so that they won't constitute germs down there.

 Why can't I clean the vulva skin with the same soap I use for my body?

 Even though vulva cleaning is a necessity, it has to be done cautiously. The vulva skin is very sensitive because it is thin and moist. Unlike your body, it is easily irritated. Anything that can harm the vulva skin will potentially harm the vaginal. According to experts, most of the ingredients used to make those foamy and highly fragranced body washes are too harsh for the vaginal area. Most of these ingredients are alkaline while the vaginal ecosystem is acidic.

If they come in contact with the vaginal opening, they will alter the ph balance in the vaginal. When these happen, the vaginal will lose its defense. Lactobacillus will be reduced and harmful bacterial will have the opportunity to increase in the vaginal. These harmful bacterial and yeast will lead to several diseases such as bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, and sexually transmitted infections.

 Aside from infections, the vaginal will be irritated and it may become dry. A dry vaginal may lead to painful sex, itching, and bleeding after sex. Even if this soap doesn't get to your vaginal opening, it will still hurt your pubic skin. The pubic skin is easily irritated because of its thin texture. Any product with harsh ingredients and perfume will irritate the pubic skin and cause you great discomfort. Symptoms of irritated pubic skin include redness, inflammation, itching, and rashes.


What can I use to clean my pubic area if I cant use body wash?

 The vaginal is totally out of the equation. You don't need to clean it. You should not insert or squirt any cleaning solution or substance into it. Not even water. Just let it be. There are two ways you can clean your vulva skin without hurting it.

  • Use water

Clean water is the safest solution you can use on your vaginal area. You can safely wipe away menstrual blood, drops of sperm, and sweat with ordinary water.

  • Mild Soap or cleanser

 To feel refreshed and clean, water may not be enough. Water may not be enough to clean remnants of pubic skincare products. That is why mild soap made with natural ingredients is recommended. OYO 'keep it clean" is a natural pubic skin cleanser devoid of fragrance, paraben, and other harsh ingredients. It is specifically made for pubic skin to keep you refreshed without irritating your sensitive skin.

 How can I deal with vaginal odor without using perfumed soap?

 Vaginal has its natural odor which is normal. This odor can be thicker if you sweat heavily. As a sweaty person, ensure you change your underwear regularly. Change your sweaty clothes immediately after you leave the gym and also take a shower. Avoid nylon panties, opt for cotton panties.

 If you notice your vaginal emits a foul odor and you have abnormal discharge, the best option is to seek medical attention. These are signs of infections that require medical diagnostic and treatment. Douches, wipes, deodorants, and body washes that contain fragrance will only mask the odor temporarily. They can cause further damage to your vaginal area.

 Final words

The pubic area is very sensitive. Regardless of the need to clean your pubes, steer clear of fragrance and other harsh soaps. To maintain your pubic area hygiene, you need a safe pubic skin routine. Your pubic skin cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer must be devoid of fragrance and harsh ingredients.

As such, adopt a safe pubic skincare routine like OYO pubic skincare kit. It contains a mild cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer devoid of artificial ingredients and fragrance. These products keep your intimate area clean, fresh, and silky without compromising your vaginal health.

 To clean your vaginal area without fear of irritation and ph disruption, choose OYO pubic skincare kit.



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